Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The Most Advanced Real-Time Data Collection & Management System

Best-in-class wireless control & data acquisition system to streamline Utility Devices & Asset Management

Key Benefits of our Smart Retrofit Measurement Solution

This powerful energy efficient with fully capable automation controller is perfect for end-point devices. This cost effective solution converts existing energy meters into smart metering infrastructure . This device in action can work remotely for data collection with built-in capabilities to perform supervisory action like auto shut-off and communicates data reliably to cloud services.



Smart AMI technology is affordable. The system requires basically no maintenance costs.



Advanced RF Mesh technology allows self healing networking.



Hardware interfaces with existing meter, with no extra required expertise . The network is easily connected to our cloud-based app or end-user database.



Tested Hardware Ruggedized for high load and damage resistance, an unbeatably tamper proof electronics.


Meter Bot

  • Ultra low power Dual Core processor.
  • Light weight & Small Size .
  • Provides real-time billing information .
  • Ability to disconnect load at end devices in case of non-payments.
  • Integrated Wireless communication modems.
      1. Wifi
      2. LORA
      3. LTE
  • Can be configured as Concentrator device to communicate with central server.

Interfaces with variety of sensors

      • Temperature
      • Accelerometer
      • Gyroscope
      • Magnetometer
      • 3X Relays
      • RS232/485